As industries converge, they create new technology challenges, which can result into road-map obstacles for your business. Global Office Group helps organizations identify and capitalize on these technology challenges.

Global Office Group creates impact changes from generating sustainable “green” energy in third world countries, to critical technological projects for future developing cities.

Global Office Group enables the connection, protection, and optimizes performance for data, remote applications, and compute workloads. They are the pinnacle of  maintenance services companies in the Most Demanding IT Environment!”

About Global Office Group

Global Office Group can improve the efficiency of customer acquisition initiative, strengthened integrated operation, and strive to avoid simple price competition, thereby assuring the value of the Company and actively promoting high-quality and sustainable growth. When it comes to storing and accessing massive amounts of data by your company and/or organization, partnering with Global Office Group is the right solution.

Network Engineering / Ongoing Management

Hyper-Converged / Cloud base Services / IaaS



Data Center Design / Ongoing Management

Our Data Center Services

The Global Office Team is made up of “4” simple key departments, when it comes to overall Data Center Management.

Asset Control Management is primarily responsible of all equipment within the data center. This equipment can be servers, network devices and /or materials (spare SFP’s, extra cables, spare inventory for repairs, etc.), racks, HVAC, and personnel.  This team manages the inventory, and controls “badged” personal in and out of the POD’s within the data center.

Data Center Environmental Management is the team that manages power and cooling for each POD within the data center. They monitor thresholds and maximize without causing any outages.

Server Infrastructure Management manages the health conditions of the severs from compute to storage. This team is also responsible of patches, updates, expansion, migrations, replications, installs, and decommissions.

Enterprise Network Management is a core strength to the Global Office Group Family. They’re “not only” responsible of managing installs, decommissions, and monitor up/down links. They also monitor network traffic for high spikes due to outside intrusions, port utilization where spamming/fishing is possibly occurring, and/or application performance issues causing network latency.

Data Center Design

Global Office Group data center services (Green Data Center / Data Center Efficiency) offer specialized products that support evolving equipment standards and technology requirements.

Our team can recommend, design and deploy the right cage, suite and server cabinet solutions to meet your requirements for physical security and power usage with fully insured turnkey relocation services with support anywhere in the world

Cloud Based Services

What is IaaS / Cloud-Based Services?


IaaS / Cloud-Based Services (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) is a form of cloud computing that delivers fundamental compute, network, and storage resources for “you” on-demand. This service is done over the internet, and the Global Office Group Team will manage all your “secured” data at our data centers.

What are the benefits of IaaS / Cloud-Based Services?


This model enables end users to scale and shrink resources on an as-needed basis, reducing the need for high, up-front capital expenditures or unnecessary “owned” infrastructure, especially in the case of “spiky” workloads. IaaS provides the lowest-level control of resources in the cloud.

Okay, sounds interesting! Now explain it again, but a little more in detail.


This can be understood as virtualized compute/network/storage resources.  Global Office Group will manage the hypervisors and end users can then programmatically provision virtual “instances” with desired amounts of compute, memory, and storage. We offer both CPUs and GPUs for different types of workloads, and auto scale/load balance “on-demand” for performance!



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